CCI’s roundtables are designed to maximize open, collaborative and practical discussion amongst executives who recognize each other as relevant peers.

Each of our roundtables is a group of two dozen or so peers from compatible Fortune 1000 companies, for example healthcare CEOs in the North East, technology CFOs in Silicon Valley or innovation leaders nationwide. The issues they face, and the business environments they operate in, have much in common. Many of our roundtables focus on a specific industry like technology or healthcare, though some intentionally cross industry boundaries into other sectors to mix experiences. Our roundtable groups generally meet quarterly for a mixture of dialog amongst the members and discussions on topics of special interest to the members led by outside experts. Our roundtables normally have a major consulting firm as a sponsor, to broaden the knowledge and experience available to the members of the group. Membership of the roundtables is by invitation and members typically stay in their roundtable groups for many years.