Micaela Rich

Micaela Rich joined CCI in the Spring of 2018 and is originally from New York.  She has an extensive professional background in both corporate and creative spaces.  Previous work experience includes front and back office administrative and accounting support in Finance, as well as management experience in real estate, dance production, and the hospitality industry.

Sarah Burney

Sarah Burney joined CCI in November 2017. Prior to CCI, Sarah had several years of administrative, event planning and accounting experience in the luxury travel and fashion industries. Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree from Azusa Pacific University, where she studied Economics and International Development.

Cindy Hernandez

Cindy joined CCI in the spring of 2017.  Her previous experience encompasses stints in: startups, magazines and public radio.  She has a BA from Pomona College, where she studied English and German Literature.

Christine Elmassian

Christine Elmassian joined CCI in May of 2012. Christine has over 20 years of office administration experience including a wide array of responsibilities in all areas of both company operations and personal assistance. Her experience in office administration includes office management, accounting, legal and production. After having spent 10 years in the Entertainment & Music industries, she broadened her horizons by moving more into the corporate sector to include telecommunication services and e-commerce.

Lindsay Karevoll

Lindsay joined CCI in September 2016.  Previously, she has worked in startups, education, and higher education.  Lindsay has a BA with honors in Linguistics and Anthropology from NYU, where she studied the intersection of language, culture, and identity.