Alma Alegria

Alma joined CCI in May 2024. Prior to CCI, she has experience in various fields, including: IT, project management, accounting, and executive assistant work for various Yale University Programs. Alma holds a BA in American Studies from Yale University. She also has a certification in Quality Assurance, UX Design, Project Management, and Front-End Web Development.

Ava Farr

Ava joined CCI in February 2024. Previously, she worked for more than a decade in the fashion industry in various production and administrative positions. She holds an AA with a focus on Literature and Composition.

Caitlyn Malik

Caitlyn Malik joined CCI in October 2023. Prior to CCI, Caitlyn held various roles at nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, including communication, development and programming. She worked primarily in education and disability services. Caitlyn holds a BS in Communication from Portland State University.

Hayley Mandelberg

Hayley Mandelberg joined CCI in September 2023. Prior to CCI, Hayley had several years of experience in production and creative development for television and podcasts. She holds a BS in Communications from Boston University.

Hannah Lewis

Hannah Lewis joined CCI in October 2023. Before joining CCI, Hannah worked in academia as a research assistant and administrator and most recently, she worked as a coordinator at a private wealth firm specializing in high net worth clients. She holds an MA in Sociology from the University of Houston, where her research focused on examining racial, ethnic, and gender inequality in the workplace.

Marcus Devies

Marcus joined CCI in June 2023.  Prior to CCI, Marcus had experience in a variety of sectors: healthcare, finance, hospitality, and sports/entertainment.  Marcus holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Chandler Pincheck

Chandler Pincheck joined CCI in May 2023. Prior to CCI, Chandler worked as a Project Coordinator and Inside Sales Manager in the IT industry. She holds a BA in International Relations from Michigan State University.

Dustin Newcombe

Dustin is an accomplished writer, editor and project manager. He has also worked in education; for many years he was as an ESL instructor, and from 2017-2019 he was Chief Academic Officer at Columbia West College, where he managed a staff of 13 faculty members. His experience also includes high-level executive support, product management and marketing. Dustin holds an MFA in Screenwriting from CSUN and a BS in Finance from Penn State.

Lana Ascha

Lana Ascha joined CCI in March 2022. Prior to CCI, Lana worked extensively in the entertainment industry as an Executive Assistant, Production Coordinator among other administrative roles. She holds a BA in English from The University of California, Berkeley.

Grace Walters

Grace Walters joined CCI in February 2022. Prior to CCI, Grace had many years of travel management experience in the music, television, and sports industries. She holds a BA in Psychology from The University of San Diego.