Brittany Carfaro

Brittany Carfaro joined CCI in August 2017. Prior to CCI, Brittany had several years of administrative and recruiting experience in the financial services, sports advertising, medical and consulting sectors. Brittany has worked in the Washington, DC metro area as well as in NYC. She holds a BA in Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University, University Park.

Sharon Fraser

Sharon Fraser joined CCI in August of 2013. Sharon spent the last 10 years in Office and Facilities Management, and a further 10+ years in Administration Management working with C-Level Executives and Board Directors, predominantly in the financial sector.

Lindsay Karevoll

Lindsay joined CCI in September 2016.  Previously, she has worked in startups, education, and higher education.  Lindsay has a BA with honors in Linguistics and Anthropology from NYU, where she studied the intersection of language, culture, and identity.

Lisa Davenport

Lisa Davenport joined CCI in 2003. Prior to CCI, Lisa spent many years as Office Manager in a law and office subleasing firm which originated the concept of the executive suite.

Caroline Lehman

Caroline Lehman joined CCI in October 1989. Prior to CCI, Caroline was an executive assistant at St. Joseph’s Medical Center; and previously attended UCLA.